Stratford-upon-Avon Street Pastors

Holy Trinity supports Stratford-upon-Avon Street Pastors, which is one of 200+ similar ecumenical organisations expressing the love of God on the night-time streets of cities and towns.  The movement is sponsored nationally and internationally by the Ascension Trust ( which lays down strict guidelines for local groups and guarantees the quality of their work.

Pastors are drawn from a wide range of churches, from the Roman Catholics to independent charismatic groups.  Their mission is not to preach, but to show unconditional care to those on our streets and night who may be lost and lonely, or the worse for wear from drink or drugs, or simply needing a helping hand and a friendly voice.

The Chair of Stratford Street Pastors (The Revd Steve Bate) and the Treasurer (Anthony Woollard) are both drawn from the Holy Trinity congregation, as are one or two Pastors and a number of those who provide “real-time” prayer support to them on their patrols.  The church has also given the initiative significant financial help through Christmas collections, and several members of the congregation contribute money individually on a regular basis.  Financial support has also been provided by Stratford Town Trust and a number of public authorities.

Currently there are around 15 Pastors in total in the town, and they patrol the central streets on Friday nights from around 9pm until 2am or later, plus occasional Saturday nights when resources allow.

Additional Pastors are urgently needed if this ministry is to be maintained and grow.  There is a quite rigorous training programme, but the main need is simply a love of people!  If you feel called to this, please talk to Steve Bate or contact the local Co-ordinator Maureen Green ([email protected]).