Parish Vision

Our Parish Vision is:

Lives changed through Gods love

Our parish vision statement responds to the question: “What are we here for?”  It is intended to help us create a common identity and clear direction as a church and parish.  This will help us to play our part in God’s mission to the world more effectively.

Lives changed…

Our vision is to see a real difference in people’s lives.  Change is the work of the Holy Spirit which is both personal and communal.  We see this in the sacramental life of the Church where the ordinary is changed into something holy.

…through Gods love

The Bible tells us that because of God’s love Jesus came into the world.  When we journey with Jesus we find amazing things happen!

The Holy Trinity Five Year Plan 2022 to 2027

The new Five Year Plan for Holy Trinity is how we intend to live out our vision of Lives changed through Gods love in the coming years. It is structured around six Parish Focus Areas, which are the different things we believe we should concentrate our energies on in order to be the churches God is calling us to be both now and in the future.

For details of the Holy Trinity 5 Year Plan Download the latest vision leaflet here.