Parish Vision

Our Parish Vision is:

Lives changed through Gods love

Our parish vision statement responds to the question: “What are we here for?”  It is intended to help us create a common identity and clear direction as a church and parish.  This will help us to play our part in God’s mission to the world more effectively.

Lives changed…

Our vision is to see a real difference in people’s lives.  Change is the work of the Holy Spirit which is both personal and communal.  We see this in the sacramental life of the Church where the ordinary is changed into something holy.

…through Gods love

The Bible tells us that because of God’s love Jesus came into the world.  When we journey with Jesus we find amazing things happen!

For details of the Parish Vision  Download Here


Our 5 Year Plan 2018 to 2023

Our Parish Vision of Lives changed through Gods love is expressed through our Purpose of Worshipping God, Making Disciples of Jesus Christ and Transforming Communities.

The Vision is central to our identity as a parish and in April 2018, we launched our action plan for the next five years, which includes three main areas: Nurturing Faith, Reaching Out and Resources.  Within these three areas, our headline goals are a threefold increase of lay leaders, creation of a vibrant youth ministry, significantly increased work within the local community and the re-ordering of parish buildings to be fit for purpose.

We have some exciting plans for the parish that will help us to be faithful to our values of expressing God’s love through being welcoming, accessible and inclusive of all people, recognising the life-changing presence of Jesus in all that we do and deepening our relationships with the communities that we serve and with each other.

For details of the Parish 5 Year Plan Download the latest vision leaflet here.