Children receiving Holy Communion before Confirmation

"We have had one of our most enjoyable days at church today." This is a quote from one of our congregation after the First Communion Service on 22nd May. The service to admit 16 of our young people to receive Holy Communion before confirmation is an excellent example of the growth in faith within our children, young people and families. I'd like to share with you some comments I've had from people of all ages who attended the service and Parish Picnic in the RSC gardens afterwards.


'What a joyful morning! The old, not-so-old and really young all came together in a joyous and solemn celebration of God’s love, where everyone, whatever their age or place in the service, felt included. The words and music uplifted us and we were united by the wonderful children, as their joy at celebrating their first Eucharist spread throughout the whole congregation." 


"The children are very pleased to be now able to receive the bread and the wine, they definitely feel included!"


"Being able to share first Holy Communion with the children felt like a real privilege. The service was so very moving and also inspiring, when thinking of a future generation of young people joining our family within the church." 


"The service was beautifully arranged with uplifting music from the band and thought provoking and fun teaching from Nicki. The children feel part of the church family more than ever and are excited and pleased to be receiving the bread and the wine as we do."  


"The picnic in the park afterwards made the day complete.  New relationships were made and established ones grew deeper as a result of the time we were able to spend together.  The football and rounders was enjoyed by all ages too!!"


"I had chance to chat with so many people I had seen many many times, but the opportunity had never arisen in church.  We all had a fantastic afternoon and this culminated with a very competitive rounders game and a visit to The Dirty Duck!"