The link to our Volunteer Application Form is here

Our Approach to Volunteers and Paid Staff

In baptism every Christian is commissioned for ministry as a member of the Church and called to play their part in the Church’s purpose of worshipping God, making disciples of Jesus Christ and transforming communities.

As a parish church, our worship, ministry and mission is primarily the work of the baptised people of God. We are a volunteer organisation, where ordained ministers and paid staff are there to enable and equip the laity to be the church do the church’s work. We therefore rely on the generosity of parishioners in giving of their time, talents and money to enable us to fulfil our vision and purpose.

In certain circumstances we employ paid staff. These include situations where:

-the level of expertise or accountability is very high (e.g, church security, health and safety)

-the work is very demanding or unattractive  (e.g. cleaning toilets)

-continuity and consistency is required (e.g. managing booked events in church)

As an internationally recognised heritage attraction, we want to offer a consistently high standard of visitor experience, alongside other organisations in the town that operate with a high level of professionalism. Like them, we do this through the work of both paid staff and volunteers.


In order to maintain fairness and respect for both paid staff and volunteers, we seek to:

-differentiate between the level of responsibility held by paid staff and volunteers

-avoid the same person having to switch between volunteer and paid status within same role

-structure paid roles with a focus on recruiting, training and managing volunteers

-ensure all volunteers are offered training, managed well and valued for all they contribute.

The link to our Volunteer Application Form is here