Live Streaming Services

You are very welcome to join us online for any of our services that are livestreamed. These services will be streamed to our YouTube channel and can be easily found by clicking the following link or searching on YouTube for "Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon" and clicking on the "Live" tab.

Once a service has completed it is uploaded to our Facebook page and can be found by clicking on

If there are any issues with the livestream on YouTube, this won't affect the upload to Facebook, as this is a separate recording.

The services on YouTube and Facebook will continue to be available after the service has ended.


Liturgies on Line

The links below will take you to the Liturgy for the services listed

Parish Eucharist 24th September - Healing for the Soul Part 2 - Finding Gratitude

Parish Eucharist 17th September - Healing for the Soul Part 1 - Seeking Forgiveness

Parish Eucharist 10th September - Blessing of Bags

Parish Eucharist 3rd September - The Ministry of the Whole People of God