Live Streaming Services

You are very welcome to join us on ;line for any of our services that are livestreamed.. These services will be streamed to our Facebook page and can be easily found by clicking  the following link .  To watch a service live, when you visit the page during the service the stream will be the most recent post.

Once a service has completed it is uploaded to our YouTube page and can be found by clicking on  Due to the strength of the internet signal in church, sometimes there is disruption during the Facebook live-stream.  On our YouTube page we upload a separate full recording of the service.


Liturgies on Line

The links below will take you to the Liturgy for the services listed

Sunday 2nd April - Parish Eucharist - Palm Sunday

Sunday 26th March - Parish Eucharist - Lent 5 - Revive

Sunday 19th March - Parish Eucharist - Mothering Sunday

Sunday 12th March - Parish Eucharist - Lent 3 - Refresh