Bell Ringing

The first record of bells in the tower is from 1502 when a legacy of 6/8d (£0.33) was left towards their restoration. We have no record of their number or weights. In October 1617 the churchwardens reported: "we were cited Worcester because the bells were oute of order” (Stratford was then in the Worcester Diocese). In December of the same year £4 12d. [£4.05] was paid for re-casting. The next bell-related memorandum in the Vestry minute book is from 1650: “It was agreed upon yt there shalbe a leavy made for the gathering of [£10] vizt. [£5] for the Towne, and [£5] for the parish to cast three new belles.” In 1887 the bells were all re-hung, the third and fourth of the existing six re-cast, and two new trebles added by Taylors to produce a 17½ cwt. octave. The metal from this eight was used in the present ring.

The present-day bells (10 19-0-2 in E) were cast as a complete ring by Taylors of Loughborough in 1948. The late forties were vintage years for Taylors and Stratford's bells are arguably the best light ten in existence.