Tour & Group Bookings

Thank you for planning to book your visit to Holy Trinity Church, Stratford-upon-Avon where alongside great history, architecture, and Shakespeare's Grave,  you can experience time in a very active parish church.   Our link to the booking form is below the following information

We can become very busy and we manage the number of people in the the Chancel to around 30 at any one time.  Large groups may be asked to split into groups of about 30 and there may be a few minutes wait whilst we allow previous visitors to leave before your group enters the area. Booked groups who are on time will be given priority.  We thank you for your patience and support as we work to give everyone a good experience in our busy and active parish Church.

We do not receive any funding from the Church of England or from the British Government and so we do ask visitors to make a small contribution to help us cover our costs. For groups of more than 12 we ask for £3 per adult and £2 for children unless the children are from the UK when we ask for £1 for each of them.  We ask groups to pay their contributions in advance and there is provision at the end of this form to do that. For Tour companies we can send an invoice for payment after the event and in those circumstances you must provide a voucher for the group to leave with our Church based team to verify that the group has visited.

Please follow this link to our booking form - you will receive an acknowledgement that your booking has been received. You will receive a further email to confirm the booking. If there is any query or the requested time is not available we will contact you. If you want to check that we don not already have a church closure, or other groups booked then use the date selector below to check your dates.