We are here to help you to celebrate the joyful times of life. We will help you through each stage of the planning process and make sure your service is personal to you.

Holy Trinity Church is an extremely popular location for weddings.  The village churches at St Helen' Clifford Chambers and All Saints' Luddington both offer an ideal church for smaller weddings.  At All Saints', brides have been known to arrive by boat on the river.

A wedding is one of the most joyful and significant events for a couple, and for such a special day, we offer a special place. You're welcome to marry in church whatever your beliefs, whether or not you are baptised and whether or not you go to church. We would be delighted to help you to commit your lives to one another and to ask God to bless your marriage. 

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Booking your wedding date

Your wedding date will only be confirmed after you have met with one of our clergy in a Wedding Surgery (usually held on a Tuesday evening) to confirm that you are eligible to be married in Holy Trinity Church or one of the village churches in our parish. We will give you information beforehand about the availability of dates but these are not reserved or held, until you have meet with one of our clergy team. Following this meeting the Parish Office will contact you to confirm your date and time and ask you to pay a deposit which secures your booking.

As a guide, we usually only close the church to visitors for one period on any day, however this period can be long enough for two weddings. As a result the first wedding booked will have a free choice of times but the second will be made either one and a half ours before or one and a half hours after the time booked for the first wedding. This also means that times are not usually able to be changed after a second wedding has been booked.

For all Wedding enquiries, please contact the Parish Office:

Old Town
Stratford upon Avon
CV37 6BG

Tel: 01789 266316

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