Woolmer Church Plate -- (not on view to the public)


On major feast days, Christmas, Easter, Pentecost and Trinity Sunday (our patronal Sunday), the Woolmer plate is used for the Eucharistic.  

This comprises a pair of flagons, a pair of communion cups and a pair of patens each in silver-gilt with IHS in a sunburst and inscriptions in copper-plate script.  All pieces bear the hallmark 1716 and are inscribed "Gloria Dei opt. max. in usum Eccliae. Paroch.de Stratford super Avon.D.D.D.  Josephus Woolmer un fil.Johan Woomer nuper de Stratford praedict. defunct. Anno Dom 1716."  On one of the cups and one flagon are the names of "Johan Woolmer, Ed. Woolmer, Tho.Woolmer at Ben. Woolmer, fillii Johann Woolmer," in place of the name Joseph.