The Choristers of Holy Trinity are not only maintaining an ancient and respected tradition when they sing in the Church. In addition to playing an integral role in worship, they also receive, on a weekly basis, second to none music tuition, the opportunity to sing with like-minded children of their age, the chance to perform some of the most exciting and beautiful music with other people who share a passion for singing, and to take advantage of the various life-skills that one can learn through singing in a choir. 

The benefits of being a Chorister:

  • Choristers are paid for singing at the Church's various services, and there is additional remuneration for singing at weddings

  • Choristers, along with the rest of the Choir, tour to exciting destinations, recently including the East Coast of America, and Italy.

  • Choristers learn life-skills, including teamwork, leadership, self-organisation and commitment, which ally with other aspects of the Choristers' lives

  • Choristers experience a highly rewarding and fun time, musically and socially


Willows Scholars

In April 2017, six Willows Scholarships were created, formed by Holy Trinity School and Holy Trinity Church Choir, and in such a short space of time, the Scholars became an integral asset in the life of Holy Trinity Church Choir. The Scholars receive a special medal to wear at Holy Trinity, and a unique tie, consisting of the Church colours, to wear at the Holy Trinity School. The Scholars are personally selected by the Headteacher at Holy Trinity School, and are expected to play a very important role musically both at School and at Church.

Joining the Choir

The Director of Music, Douglas Keilitz, is always pleased to hear from prospective choristers at any time. Douglas can be contacted at or 01789 266316 to arrange an informal meeting, at which he can advise parents and their sons or daughters accordingly.