Worship for Families

Worshippers of all ages are welcome at Holy Trinity.

We are passionate about bringing the Bible to life for children and their families to help them learn the love of God and the fellowship of faith. We aim to offer opportunities for children and their families to explore faith together through a variety of activities and styles of worship held both weekly and monthly.

For child centred worship we offer Faith at Breakfast, or Holy Trinity@Rosebird.

For an informal, very child friendly, but not child centred form of worship come to GoodNews@10.

All start with "Breakfast." An opportunity to share conversation and croissants, friendship and faith before services that aim to be uplifting and gently challenging for people of all ages wherever they are on their journey of faith.

There is a crèche for under 5s at the back of Holy Trinity during the 10.00am Service with quiet activities include Play Dough, colouring, Duplo, toys and story books. This enables parents and children to stay in Church and take part in the worship.

Come and join us to worship, learn and grow together with Jesus.