PCC Report: Tuesday 26th August 2020

‘Blended worship’ has been voted by PCC as the style best suited for future 10 o’clock Sunday morning services, under the current COVID restricted circumstances.

The new pattern of worship will begin from Sunday 27th September for a 6-month trial period.

Reverend Patrick Taylor said, “I believe this is a risk worth taking in these exceptional times and with our limited resources.  We’re talking about one act of worship, for all ages, from all stages of faith and from all forms of socio-economic backgrounds.  It’s really important that we go into this with our eyes open.  This is not a ‘closing down’ of other services, but a combination of what’s usually experienced in the Parish Centre and the main Church building.”



Treasurer Mike Warrillow provided an initial 2021 budget and an overview of August’s financials.  Mike said, “At the end of the month we will be £75K in deficit…this time last year we were around £112,000 in surplus.  That’s £187,000 year over year change and we’re still eating into our reserves quite quickly.

“More and more people are moving to standing order which means stewardship is holding up.  But Chancel donations are down dramatically due to reduced visitor numbers and less being given.”

With Holy Trinity’s income significantly depleted, PCC voted in favour of the proposal to only pay Clergy costs to the Deanery and no tithe on our income for our Parish Share.*

*Every Parish in the Diocese of Coventry contributes towards the cost of Parish Ministers


News in brief

Kirsty Severn has been appointed as a Foundation Governor for our Church school, Holy Trinity Primary alongside Reverend Patrick Taylor and Val Payne.

PCC agreed to approach the ‘Friends of Shakespeare’s Church’ to help fund the restoration and re-ordering of the North Transept, to take a proposal to open the space to visitors a step further.

PCC approved in principal, that a bubble of 6 Bell Ringers can be formed to return to the bell tower to ring - with appropriate social distancing measures in place.

The next PCC meeting will be held on Tuesday 29 September 2020.



PCC report: Tuesday 14 July 2020

Results of a survey designed to measure the health of our church life at Holy Trinity were shared and discussed in July’s PCC meeting.

The overall picture shows a strong bias towards fellowship, a dis-inclination towards faith, with ‘passionate spirituality’ registering as the lowest of the eight essential qualities. 

Tim Mitchell, Healthy Churches Development Mentor from Coventry Diocese, presented the findings from the questionnaire completed by 30 members of the congregation, representing all ages and services. 

“There’s a more balanced approach to growth at Holy Trinity than the last time you took the survey in 2017.  Previous indications showed a strong preference for fellowship but we can see that things like inspiring worship has increased significantly.  You are also strong in holistic small groups and therefore engendering a sense of belonging.  This is usually very hard to achieve in a large Church.”

Reverend Patrick Taylor said, “This survey is such an important aspect of our work as it enables us to understand where we need to focus our efforts in order for us to grow.  Our next steps will be to think, pray and plan to respond to some of the key points.”

A newly formed Parish Strategy Group, following a Governance review, would follow up the survey results.



Public services such as weddings and funerals are now allowed to take place with up to 30 people.  PCC approved a recommendation to charge the full fee for any wedding that takes place this year, with the option of a blessing in a year’s time at no extra fee.

Holy Trinity’s approach to worship will be reviewed on a weekly basis, with any long-term decisions to be made by the PCC.



Treasurer Mike Warrillow told PCC that Holy Trinity’s current position showed a £68K deficit and that visitor income was down £106K. 

The village churches, St Helen’s Clifford Chambers and All Saints’ Luddington, are also both in a deficit position.


News in brief

PCC approved a suggestion to “twin” the 8 toilets in the main church building and the Parish Centre.  The Toilet Twinning charity facilitates the provision of clean water supplies and basic sanitation to poor communities in 45 countries. The PCC was not asked for funding, but to support the launch of fund-raising to enable this to happen. 

Building work on access to the Parish Centre kitchen and create a viable proposition for community use has been approved.  The alterations are necessary on health and safety grounds.

The next PCC meeting will be held on Tuesday 29 September 2020.