Holy Trinity Church

Organ Restoration Programme


The organ at Holy Trinity Church can be traced back to before the Reformation and we know that a new organ was built in 1731 for the cost of £50!   Throughout the years, many changes, additions, and restorations have taken place, to ensure the organ is cared for and cherished. Fast forward to nearly three hundred years later and the organ continues to support the community and life events at Holy Trinity – both sacred and secular. It is part of the community.

The organ has evolved into a thing of beauty both visually and in audio terms. Just visit the church and you will see on show the many splendid pipes that interweave into a magnificent work of art. Listen to it being played and it can send shivers up your spine. It is one of the finest instruments in the Midlands comparable with many cathedral organs and it produces a wonderful embracing sound. That sound is not as good as it was and like a thoroughbred car, it needs nourishing and servicing. The cost for this is upward of £50,000 and we need to raise the money by the end of 2023 to enable the careful restoration work to take place.

A number of events will be taking place later in the year and a full list will be added to our web page throughout the year. You can help TODAY by





There are many pipes in an organ from very small to truly enormous so there is bound to be one that you can help us restore. 


For example:

£25 will support the restoration of a 2’ pipe

£250 will support the restoration of an 8’ pipe

£500 will help to support the restoration of a 16’ pipe


Please don’t be constrained by these examples.  All sponsorship of any amount, from £10 upwards, will be very welcome.


You can donate by either BANK TRANSFER or by DEBITor CREDIT CARD.

If you are a UK taxpayer you may be able to boost your donation by 25% with a Gift Aid declaration.  If so, please check the appropriate box on the donation page.







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