New edition of 'A Taste of History'

A second edition has been published of A Taste of History, originally edited by Ronnie Mulryne. This short book stems from the work of architects, conservators and historians who have recently gained new insights into the ancient building. From puzzles and solutions related to the Shakespeare Family gravestones to the close and sometimes stormy association between the Church and the Guild of the Holy Cross, and from the architecture of the church and the conservation of its monuments to the extraordinary story of the Thomas Becket altar, the book’s chapters offer richly-illustrated, informative and continuously interesting commentary on one of England’s most famous, beautiful and historically rich churches.

Contributors: Dr Robert Bearman, Former Head of Archives and Local Studies, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust; Mairi Macdonald, Former Head of Local Collections, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust;      Dr Ronnie Mulryne, Chairman of the Friends of Shakespeare’s Church; David Odgers, Conservator and Consultant; Stephen Oliver, Architect to Holy Trinity Church.

Price: £10   ISBN: 978-1-78972-601-5