Application for a Memorial Wall Plaque

By making this application I understand the terms and conditions that apply, which are:

  1. that the plaque will remain the property of the Parish of Stratford-upon-Avon PCC (the PCC) at all times;
  2. that the plaque will remain upon the wall for a period of 10 years (dated from 31st December of the year in which the plaque is installed). Towards the end of this initial period, I may request to extend the installation for a further 10 years at the cost prevailing at that time. I understand that no plaque may remain upon the wall for longer than 20 years in total;
  3. that at the end of the period, the PCC reserve the right to dispose of the plaque;
  4. that no additional tribute other than a modest floral tribute are permitted and that any other items will be removed;
  5. that the PCC will not be responsible for loss or damage through theft or vandalism;
  6. that this facility may terminate or cease to exist for no fault of the PCC and I agree that this agreement will end immediately with no cost to the PCC.

Your completion of the form implies agreement of these terms and conditions.