Memorial benches in Holy Trinity Churchyard

A memorial bench is a popular way to remember a loved one. We have a  number of locations within the churchyard where space to site a bench can be leased, and the best way to find out where these are is to email us( Due to the popularity of this service some of our locations have waiting lists in place, but we will let you know if this is the case when you contact us.

Current costs for a lease agreement include maintenance for a twenty-year period. These costs include a bench, labour, materials and a plaque inscribed with your message. Our benches are a heavyweight design made from planed and sanded Iroko timber.  Installation includes anchorages onto concrete and benches in the North Avenue will also have Yorkstone paving to match the existing surroundings. 

Current prices are:

  • Wooden bench on North Avenue with one plaque and Yorkstone Paving                       £2,400

  • Wooden bench on the river frontage with a single plaque                                               £2,400

  • Shared Cavendish bench on the river frontage with three plaques (per person)                £750

      (please note that the shared option may require waiting until all three plaques are sold)


To apply for a Memorial bench please complete the following form and make payment as indicated