Holy Trinity@Rosebird

Holy Trinity@Rosebird is a lively family-friendly church service which meets in the Rosebird Community Hall by Waitrose on the third Sunday of every month.

We meet for a leisurely breakfast at 9am with families gathered round tables enjoying fresh coffee, juice, freshly baked Waitrose croissants and fruit.

At 9.30am our relaxed service begins, finishing at 10.20am. The services follow a similar pattern each month including informal worship, prayer, a scripture-based talk and an all-age activity as a way of engaging with the theme for the day.

Our aim is that the services will be uplifting and gently challenging for everyone whatever their age and wherever they are on a journey of faith. We hope to explain why Jesus is important, encourage committed Christians and transform the local community of Trinity Mead and the wider Stratford community in the process.

We have people coming to our service from within Stratford and from the surrounding villages. Some are new to church; others have been part of a church for 80 years! Why not come and join us?