‘Cruft’s This Ain’t’

Fun Dog Show at the Holy Trinity Community Fete

            in The Dell (next to Holy Trinity Church), 

                  Saturday 23rd September, 2023

                             Fete Starts at 12pm;

 FUN DOG SHOW starts at 3.30pm in The Main Ring


Click here to complete the ENTRY FORM to enter your dog.


All dogs should be socially comfortable in a small area with people watching; they should not be dressed up.  All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times whilst at the Fete.

Rosettes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each class.


Adorable Puppy Under 1-year old

Have you an adorable puppy with lots of personality?  Do you have a special bond?  We will be looking for bright eyed and waggy tailed puppies who enjoy being with you.

Cutest & Most Handsome Doggie  

 Is your dog cute?  Do they have big soppy eyes, or a happy face or a very beautiful coat?  Or are they your best buddy and, in your eyes, they are beautiful in every way?

Golden Oldie (10+ years old) 

We all love puppies and beautiful dogs but what about our older friends? Those special ones, whose lives are measured in double figures. Do you have a special bond with them, do they show you have much they love you?

Scruffiest Character 

Dog shows are usually about well-groomed pedigree dogs. But what about the Heinz 57 (other brands are available) scruffy mutts, whose personality makes up for the fact that they are just a mess?

Everyone’s a Winner in our dog show, including the handlers. You will be able to parade your pride & joy around the ring and both of you will be rewarded with a treat just for taking part.