This service is held every 4th Sunday @ 10-11am  and offers:

Worship, teaching & prayer in an informal service of Holy Communion, to inspire and sustain us on our journey with God.


May – August 2017

What is our reaction when we read in the Bible stories about its great heroes?  Do they seem remote figures?  Or men and women from whom we can learn profound truths about God? Are they saintly “giants”, and so inspiring examples for us today?  Or are they flawed, just like us, and therefore, strangely, an encouragement to us?  Answer: a bit of both!  Our next series of monthly “Food4thought” services will give us an insight into the successes and failures of some of the most famous of Bible characters, and what they have to teach us about God and his dealings with us.


Sunday 28 May: Joseph. 

Wasn’t it unfair of God to allow Joseph to experience so much suffering and injustice as a young man?  What does the story reveal about God’s way of “turning” human sin to his own good purposes?

Sunday 25 June: David. 

We see how this immensely able and godly leader fell into temptation, committing adultery and murder. How did David go so far wrong, and what were the vital steps that lead to the restoration of his relationship with God?


Sunday 23 July: Abigail.

Not a well- known Bible character, but an inspiring example of a shrewd, quick-thinking, resolute, and godly woman, a real peace maker!


Sunday 27 August: Lydia.

How is the life of a prosperous business woman changed one morning for ever -  by a riverside “church” service? What can we learn about the nature of true Christian “conversion”?


“these were all commended for their faith…”  (Hebrews 11: 39)

Followed by refreshments in the Parish Centre

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