Christmas Appeal 2019

Please follow this link to support our 2019 Christmas Appeal

Each year our Christmas Appeal supports three external charities. The collections from our Christmas services as well as donations from our regular congregation members are divided between our selected charities. Your gift through the links on this page will also be joined with the other others made through our services.

The 3 charities that we will be supporting this year are :


Christians Against Poverty (CAP) 

Cap is a Christian charitable company in the UK since 1996. It is a national organisation specialising in free debt counselling for people in financial difficulty, our professional debt counselling, alongside the love and care of the local church really does change lives. Our trained debt advisers work out budgets and negotiate with creditors on clients behalf. Our specialised insolvency and bankruptcy options offer hope and a way out of debt. Debt repayments can mean they are unable to afford the basics of life: regular meals, heating, clothing and medication. Debt causes relational poverty too. Stress, sleepless nights and constant arguing about money put a massive strain on marriages and families. This all result’s in illness, depression and even suicide attempts. Our service literally saves lives, It keeps families together, relieves stress, restores health, keeps families in their homes and provides friendship and can connect people to church and to the God that loves them.  For further info:

Peace through Partnership

For 50 years, Cord has worked with people who have been profoundly affected by negative and often violent cycle. Over this time, Cord has identified three fundamental freedoms that are crucial to ensuring a peaceful society: the freedom to engagethe freedom to overcome trauma and the freedom to access basic services. Cord is rooted in the Christian gospel message of inclusion, justice and accountability. We believe that faith without actions is dead, and since 1967 have conducted practical programmes that relieve poverty and promote social cohesion. Working collaboratively with other organisations, our Christian ethos is central to our work, without discrimination nor equivocation. Cord also helps people that identify with different religious, political, or social groups to overcome prejudice and understand the needs and perspectives of others. And it helps to build trust and mutual recognition between local government and communities, in countries like Cambodia and Myanmar, where decades of mistrust and violence has eroded their ability to communicate and work together. Cord is committed to this approach, because it sees living proof that it is helping to transform conflict and build more peaceful and inclusive societies, as envisioned in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. As an organisation that is inspired by the Christian faith, Cord’s focus on promoting inclusion, social justice, and dignity allows it to live out the Christian gospel of peace and reconciliation.   For further info:

St Basils

St Basils works with young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. We have a range of prevention, accommodation and support services to help young people regain the stability they need to rebuild their lives, with training to build bridges and gain skills for themselves so they can bring about positive changes in their own lives. We aim to ensure all people we work with develop the skills needed to live independently. Young people who complete three or more modules will gain a recognised qualification, but the main aim is to help them avoid homelessness and ensure they are supported, successfully breaking the cycle of homelessness. St Basils strategic priority of “young people first” Their needs guide the support we offer, it is not about us taking control but about empowering the young person to build bridges and gain skills for themselves so they can bring about positive changes in their own lives. For more information see


Please follow this link to support our 2019 Christmas Appeal