Ash Burial (more than 24hrs after the Funeral)

The Churchyard at Holy Trinity is a closed churchyard for burials but interment of cremated remains is permitted by prior arrangement with the Vicar and PCC; the church will arrange for the plot to be prepared. The Churchyards at All Saints' and St Helen's are open; you must appoint a Funeral Director to prepare and close the plot.

Interments are subject to following requirements and regulations:

1. The person whose ashes are to be interred had a qualifying connection with the Parish of Stratford-upon-Avon

2. A Cremation Certificate is supplied following acceptance of this application

3. The fee for the Burial Ashes is paid on submission of the application

4. The cremated remains are interred into a specific plot at a ceremony with a member of clergy present.  Interments are “natural” with ashes poured into a prepared plot.  Caskets are not interred.

5. The actual plot is recorded on the churchyard plan but cannot be marked in any other way, i.e. no plaques, pots, shrubs, statues or any other permanent marker is permitted.

6. Bunches of flowers or loose flowers may be left in the churchyard and they will be removed once faded.  Plastic flowers or silk flowers are not permitted.

7. Completion of this application indicates acceptance of the above conditions